International citizens

This section is directed at our international citizens in Copenhagen and the neighboring Frederiksberg. Below you can read more about Venstre (The Liberal Party of Denmark) in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, meet our leading candidates and learn about our policy proposals.

At this link, you can find more information on how and where to vote as an international citizen.

Find Venstre in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg's leaflet 'Municipal elections on 16 November - Let your voice be heard' here.

Copenhagen and Frederiksberg are closely intertwined with the Municipality of Frederiksberg being surrounded by the City of Copenhagen. Venstre has a party branch in Copenhagen as well as one in Frederiksberg. You may visit the homepage of the Frederiksberg branch at this link.

Our leading candidates

Our leading candidates are:

Policy proposals

In Venstre, we constantly strive to improve the lives of our international citizens. Specifically, we aim to secure the following services for our international citizens:

  • Municipality information available in English
  • A “one-stop-shop” and permanent desk officer for international families
  • Events and cultural activities, bringing Danes and other nationalities together
  • More international programs in our schools and kindergartens
  • Better assistance for international spouses searching for employment. The Copenhagen Career Program is targeted at spouses and accommodates 200 participants annually
  • Focus on retaining foreign students in Denmark, among other things by ensuring a variety of student jobs and high-quality employment after graduation. The Greater Copenhagen Career Program is a popular job search course for international students
  • Establishment of a dormitory for international students, including a ”concierge-service”, offering practical support on everything from paperwork and how to sign up for Danish classes to how to join the local football club

In addition to focusing on international citizens, Venstre will pursue these policy ambitions:

School and leisure activities

Venstre wants children to get a good start in life with high quality schools, which cooperate with the parents in providing a safe framework for their upbringing. Our schools should have a view to the outside world – and cooperate with businesses, civil society, and international organisations.

Venstre wants children to be able to pursue leisure activities. We constantly work to upgrade our sports facilities and cooperate with organisations offering spare time activities.

Green and Sustainable city

Venstre favours a green and climate-friendly development. We want a green infrastructure with more space for cycling and an extension of the metro net. We want to promote the use of electric cars in inner-city areas by securing the required infrastructure with electric vehicle charging stations.

We aim for a CO2-neutral society through means such as energy-saving, garbage sorting, recycling and the establishment of more parks and green areas.

Health and social services

Life in the city should be good for everyone. For Venstre, it is a given that we take special care of vulnerable groups. We need to ensure safe and respectful conditions for our elderly citizens. Venstre intends to give the elderly the greatest possible responsibility and choice when it comes to where they want to live in their senior life and who they want as a provider of home care.

In the wake of Covid-19 Venstre believes in a strong effort for public health, including securing physical and mental wellbeing of the ones most affected by the lockdown.

Business-friendly environment

Venstre believes that the best way of creating new jobs is a healthy business environment. We want to secure this by easing taxes, fees, and administrative burdens and by improving the municipal service culture towards the business community.

We strive to make the Danish Capital attractive to international talent and companies, and to reinstall Copenhagen’s brand as a popular destination for tourists, fairs, and conferences.